Beyond the Frame

On September 22, 2016, family, friends and community members came out in support of Beyond the Frame. Sponsored by Centennial College, learners showcased their work and mingled with visitors. MPP Mitzie Hunter (Scarborough-Guildwood) shared words of encouragement and support.

Beyond the Frame is a learner-led art-based project that bridges the relationship between literacy, photography and narrative. What makes this project exciting is that for most of our learners, this was their first time using a digital camera! Also, they decided on their own theme of pictures and what they wanted to share and write about.

The project began in July 2016 with a “Photography 101 Workshop” by Solana Cain. Learners had the opportunity to practice taking photos around the neighbourhood and then spent the next 4 weeks taking photos of their own. Throughout this project, the group met weekly to discuss their photos, receive feedback and to work on their stories. In the end, learners chose 5 - 7 of their best photos to show at the exhibit. The project was completed in early September 2016.

Event Photos - September 22, 2016